Mustard recommends before reading this review you purchase yourself a skateboard. If skateboards are unavailable in your area, a copy of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (original or remastered) will do the trick. Bathroom of The Future’s latest EP “Maclunkey” brings back Mustard to their rebellious teenage youth as a condiment trying to solidify their identity.

“Maclunkey”, which is a reference, to the edited version of a scene from Star War’s “A New Hope” on Disney+ never loses momentum or slows down; similarly to you if you are reading this while skateboarding. If you are a human nerd who enjoys anime programs such as Sailor Moon and Neon Genesis Evangelion this EP provides the crunch your roll is missing. Or if you enjoy playing video games on the Nintendo or Sega console the references throughout you will pick up on and enjoy.

Back in condiment college, Mustard listened to a lot of Nerdcore. If you ever have imagined or wondered to yourself; what if MC Frontalot, MC Lars, or Adam WarRock made punk rock music you would get Bathroom of the Future. They could (and should) be booked at future PAX events as this EP would guarantee a great live show.

Even if you are a human who does not enjoy the subject matter, they recommend you check out this EP. You can listen to Bathroom of The Future on all streaming platforms and bandcamp.


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