Review by: Mr. Substitute

Hearing something new is always a fascinating experience; the way your brain does this dance of receiving the new information and then registers it as something enjoyable. That’s very much what my brain did with By Torchlight’s latest album “A Night to Remember.” Get this: Rock Noir. Equal parts rock opera and film noir, and you have this 9 track, unforgettable album.

The music accompanying the story ranges heavier rock to that classic, old-timey film noir sound equipped with that familiar tin-sounding trumpet. By Torchlight takes you through this really fascinating story line-by-line, tying well-crafted dialog with power chords and synth lines. The story follows a detective working the night shift “haunted by the ghosts of the past.” The album takes off into this dreamy recollection of how the detective lost someone close to them. Musically, the album does a great job at adapting to the scene, adding the perfect ambiance to the story being told. The album even has appropriate sound effects that really add that nice finishing touch to it, making the listener really feel involved with the story.

Currently, By Torchlight has their album’s title track, “A Night to Remember” as a single available on Spotify. This gives you a lovely little sample of what to expect from the rest of the album, due to be released on August 5th. “A Night to Remember” is certainly something fresh and new that caught my attention and had me entertained from start to finish. Be sure to check out By Torchlight on Twitter and Instagram for more updates on “A Night to Remember.” And for all of their information, check out their Linktree!


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