Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Adrienne Leska. Together we discussed their passion for music, their interests, teaching middle school music, their single “Someone Like You”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing?

  Hey!! I’m doing well! So happy to talk with you. Thanks for having me! 

2. Your passion for music began at age 7. What role did music play in your childhood?

 Music has played as a coping, social, creative, expressive, educational and freeing role in my childhood.

3. Is there a song or album that had a significant impact on you?

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was the first song I fell in love with as a child. I’d say artists and styles over albums had a significant impact on me; The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, The Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, Lennon Stella, Maroon 5, and so much more. Genres I’d add to the list include: pop, indie pop, soul, jazz, blues, rock, country, folk.   

4. Outside of music, what are some of your interests?

 I love to travel, go to different coffee shops and boutiques, hiking, go to shows, journal, yoga, reading, self-care, dance, ice skate, build community,  and sometimes just sit down on a Sunday and watch some Netflix. 

5. You currently teach middle school music. What are some of your favorite moments you’ve had with your students? Could you share some advice you give them?

 Some of my favorite moments I’ve had with my students were; writing their own song about getting through the pandemic, teaching them how to sing, making a music video, and of course, singing performances. My advice I give to them is, “have fun, never give up, and follow what’s in your heart.”

6. Your mission is to provide a safe, personalized, and positive educational experience. Could you share more about your mission?

As a music teacher, I always want my students individually, and in groups, to become a community through creativity, authenticity and expression. A safe space where they are welcomed for being them, sharing their musical gifts, and most importantly, help them build confidence and find inspiration inside themselves through art and music. 

7. Mustard wonders if you wrote “Coffee House” inside a coffee house.

Haha this is an awesome question. I was inspired by music played in unique coffee shops. These are places I like to chill, do work, and thought I’d be cool to create a little lo-fi, earthy track. 

8. In 2020 you released “Tangled Vines.” What was the inspiration behind this EP? What was the process like putting this together?

 The inspiration behind this EP was based off of simple meditation, and freeing the mind. Songs were inspired by situations that occurred, but approached more atmospherically. The process was fun, but also an experimentation. I actually did all of the production and mixing on this. I have learned through the process that arranging alone is great, but I have also learned from then until now, that having the music and production team creates more of an authentic sound and experience. 

9. Humans sometimes find themselves looking in the mirror. What is it that mirrors do? How did Mirrors influence and inspire your song of the same name?

 Mirrors are a reflection of our energy. This song holds a special place in my heart. It is about embracing the inner child through others, while understanding that hardships are as beautiful as the enlightening and positive ones which help us grow. I was sitting in my classroom spring of 2021 and just came up with this progression at the piano. It was during my lunch time and I was encountering all of these kids that reminded me of the old self. “Letting go of things that are a reflection of judgements of yourself or letting things in that bring you to the journey that you want.”

10. Mustard loves the sweetness of your single “Someone Like You.” Was this song written with someone special in mind?

Thank you so much! I have to say, this is one of my favorites too! Summer 2021, I met a man who was helpful, but his energy seemed a little off putting. Set intentions of being a friend; regardless how wonky it felt. Little did I know, the Cover Me in Sunshine chord inspiration and T-Swift’s “Never Ever Getting Back Together” pop and sassy energy led me to writing the melody of the chorus while he was in my home studio. Messages, body language and actions deflected the anger, and judgment of himself, to a point where I knew he wasn’t able to receive or give back what I was giving him.

The fact I felt the need to explain why I was feeling how I was feeling, with his choice to ignore it, reminded me of my past self; letting anyone in my life take advantage because of the feeling of loneliness or not being good enough.

So, I ended up setting the tone:

“Mind games aren’t a part of me anymore. I can’t tell you how to look at yourself, only you can.”

“Someone Like You” is about trusting your intuition and not second guessing yourself. Love yourself even more!

11. What is next for Adrienne Leska?

I have a new single coming out 1/13/23 called “Who’s Who,” followed by a few more singles, “Mirrors” EP drop in July, and definitely building more connections with musicians/ possibly booking some shows in Nashville this year! 

12. Where can readers listen to your music? 

 Gimme a follow on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, IG adrienneleskamusic,  Facebook: Adrienne Leska Music, and TikTok for all music, show and social updates!


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