Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Bobby Edge. Together we discussed their relationship with music, their experience at Chili’s restaurants, their upcoming album “Algorithm & Blues”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is thankful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?

I’m doing very well, thank you for asking!

2. Mustard wonders what your relationship with music was growing up. Who were some of your favorites growing up?

My first memory I have of music that imprinted on me was, The Kinks “Lola” album that my mother had on cassette tape and would play all the time in the car. It definitely shaped my idea of what rock and roll was. It’s hard to explain, but ever since then music has been the most essential thing in my life. 

3. You are influenced by 50s rocks and doo-wop. Can you recall your first experience with these genres? Who are some artists from this time you recommend humans check out?

A: I think the first tune that really turned me on to the sound was actually not a doo-wop artist. Another tape in my mothers car was one of Billy Joel’s and I remember the first time I heard the song “The Longest Time” I was so captivated by the depth of vocal harmonies and falsetto. I was always trying to mimic that style and it drove me into a search for more music like that. As far as artists that I recommend I could list a million, The Ink Spots, The Jive Bombers, Sam Cooke, The Beach Boys, Fats Domino, The Ronnettes, The Del-Vikings, Lloyd Price….I’ll cut it there for length sake. Haha

4. Is there a song or album that had a significant impact on you? 

Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys definitely. The record is just absolutely overflowing with heart and soul. The emotion in it is just dripping from each song. I feel like few records ever achieve that level of raw honesty and it’s something I treasure dearly. 

5. You bought a patron a Presidente Margarita at Chili’s. Can you tell us more about this? What is your favorite item off the Chilis menu?

If you go to Chili’s with me and like to enjoy alcoholic beverages, I’m gonna buy you a Presidente Margarita. That’s just what I’m all about. And obviously my favorite menu item is hands down the aforementioned Presidente Margarita!

6. Bananas are a great source of potassium and for merchandising. When did you decide to make bananas a Bobby Edge staple? How do you best recommend humans use a banana?

When I toured with The Jukebox Romantics, Mike Normann and I would always be messing around with banana peels. He’d leave one on my car windshield right before we left for tour, we’d roll one up into the window to see how long it would stay there and he is actually the creator of Peel Jr. Bananas are just a goofy fruit for goofy times haha. My recommendation for banana usage is to make strawberry, banana, peanut butter smoothies with them.

7. Are you able to disclose any information about Peel JR?

Peel Jr. is currently in an undisclosed location until the record comes out for his safety.

8. Mustard wonders if you (and other humans) are currently still within the calamity of now? What can be done to better improve the situation? What was the inspiration behind this single?

A: Yeah, we all certainly are all existing within the Calamity of now. I wrote the music for that right at the beginning of lockdown due to “you know what” and I struggled to find appropriate lyrics to fit the tone so I asked one of my good friends, Alex Silverii if he could help out. He sent me over the words and I edited them down a tiny bit and put melody to them. We were all caught up in that time in this limbo not knowing what the future could possibly bring and I think he beautifully put it into poetry. As far as what we can do? Just try to take everything as it comes and do what we can to make the world around a little more pleasant for everyone.

9. What can fans expect from your upcoming album “Algorithm & Blues?” Is there a specific algorithm that inspired this album?

It’s a departure from the style of music I have done previous to this project, but I’m hoping people will be pleasantly surprised by the tunes. The algorithm is the social media algorithm and my frustration with the idea that nearly all social interaction that happens in the space of the internet is dictated by this invisible and, in my opinion, mostly nefarious algorithm. It just works to keep you engaged whether it be for better or worse. 

10. How would you describe your live performance?

Well I’ll tell you this for our upcoming performances with the full band we are working on having different themes each show with the band being called “Bobby Edge and the ……” with the suffix being indicative of the theme. But we always like engaging the crowd and making them be just as much a part of the show as our performance.

11. Where can readers listen to your music?

You can find me on every major streaming platform by searching Bobby Edge and I’ll drop the link for everything right here:

Bobby Edge | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree


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