Earlier this year independent musician Pacing had begun posting snake facts on Twitter. Pacing though did not want these snake facts to become her identity. Understandably. Being known for one thing can be restraining. During this time Mustard asked Pacing a question that you can see above: “is there any chance you will record a snake facts EP?”

Yesterday Pacing quote-tweeted the question teasing a potential EP. Today listeners were graced with the three-track “Snake Facts” EP. Mustard is still trying to process that they helped bring this EP into existence. The first track on the EP “Rattlesnakes aren’t born with rattles, every time they shed it adds on a little rattle segment” opens with Pacing’s signature offbeat yet deeply human storytelling. On it Pacing admits to being tired of this human thing. They wish to hide “but can never stay offline.” Mustard feels like this feeling is a metaphor for snakes. As the song goes on Pacing notes “I don’t want to talk to anyone about anything.” Snakes for the most part keep to themselves but are often interrupted by humans. Humans, such as Mustard’s human employee, are terrified of snakes. But Pacing does an excellent job of allowing listeners to the share the skin of a snake before it sheds. This is something humans and snakes have in common. While snakes literally shed their skin, humans, after reflection and introspection shed old information and take on new skin. This allows humans to grow and adapt.

The next track “Dogs kill 6x as many people as snakes in the US every year” provides humans with a hard truth about their best friend. Pacing informs listeners that “snakes aren’t anything / they are basically like rocks or insects / and they got to eat.” This lyric, once again, allows those who may be afraid of snakes, to sympathize with them. Snakes, like humans, are just trying to survive. We learn as well that Pacing, from the perspective of the snake, is not afraid of guns or taxes. That is a bold statement to make during tax season. Taxes are due by April 18th. Please make sure to file an extension if you believe you need too.

“Snake Facts” closes out with “Snakes are really good at squeezing into small spaces, just like the rodents they eat” which is a fact that is both visually enticing and fascinating. Pacing emphasizes that snakes are really good at hiding. Wherever you are right now, there is a chance, there is a snake slithering underneath your feet. Or in your attic. Or on a plane. The end of the song ends with a monologue that will have you rethinking how you treat snakes. Pacing, speaking as the snake, declares “I don’t want anything. I don’t even want to be here.” Is this snake a fan of the Kevin Smith film Clerks? Potentially. Joking aside, the snake just wants to eat rats and be left alone.

Mustard hopes that humans can allow snakes that luxury they often seek for themselves: peace and quiet. Pacing does a masterful job of humanizing a creature that some declare a monster. If a snake is in your garden, let it be. That snake is providing a service to you and we should be grateful for it.

While “Snake Facts” was made for fun it is another excellent addition to Pacing’s discography.

Mustard recommends Pacing if you like: Sidney Gish, Kimya Dawson, Cheekface, and Diane Cluck.


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