Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Detroit’s Olivia Van Goor. Together we discussed their favorite type of chocolate, their EP “When The Shadows Fall”, their thoughts on social media, and so much more! You can pre-save their upcoming single “My Lonely Heart” out August 5th here.

1.It is no secret that you love chocolate. Mustard wonders what is your favorite brand and type of chocolate. How did your love of chocolate inspire “Hershey Bar?”

Currently, my favorite go-to brand is Trader Joe’s, specifically the chocolate covered blueberries. They don’t last very long in my house! 

My love of chocolate inspired Hershey Bar because it was quite easy for me to come up with a comparison of the feelings. There are also a lot of words that apply to both concepts (love & chocolate) like “sweet” and “melting”, so the lines flowed out pretty naturally.

2. On your EP, “When The Shadows Fall”, you explore lesser known jazz songs. What made these songs stick out compared to the more traditional classics?

Each song has a very special meaning to me as I’ve discovered them throughout the past years. In particular, I loved pulling out “Shadow Waltz” because I actually sang it in high school when I played Dorothy in a production of 42nd street. I wasn’t a theater kid (I did 3 shows in total) so I got lucky doing that show because it exposed me to that tune! I couldn’t find many versions of it, so I thought I’d make my own.

3. “Willow Weep for Me” can sound and be interpreted in many ways. Mustard wonders what it means to you.

I really appreciate you asking this question! Instead of it sounding like a hopeless and heartbroken ballad, I wanted to add some sass to it. Instead of someone asking the willow tree to politely cry for them, I am demanding that the willow cries for me because I was done wrong. I especially wanted to channel this particular feeling as the composer of this standard, Ann Ronell, is one of the only female composers that contributed to the great american songbook. As a female, I can say we have a very particular vengeance when we have been done wrong, and I channeled it into this song that connects the anger and heartbreak to mother nature. 

4. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be? Why?

Definitely Caity Gyorgy! I absolutely love everything she is doing and I also would love to feed off of her creative energy, I just know from the interactions we have had that it is a very positive, kind, and inspiring energy.

5. Mustard wonders how we can support female jazz artists such as yourself.

Hmm… there are so many things that come to mind, but it depends on who I’m answering this question to. To the fans, I think it is important to check your biases when you are listening to new artists. For musicians, it is important to check your biases when you are calling new musicians for gigs. Same with venues. I guess my short answer is check your biases, because we all have them, but slowly un-doing them little by little makes a big difference. Also, on behalf of my friends who are instrumentalists, please stop coming up to them saying “WOW I can’t believe you’re good, you lady-musician-you! #girlboss”. 

6. How has TikTok (or other social media platforms) helped you as an artist? What advice would you give musicians looking to join these applications?

It has definitely helped a lot. My advice is to not resist.. you can use these platforms as tools instead of feeling like it controls you, if you figure out your best way of connecting with others!

7. Mustard wonders who (or what) inspires you.

Normally, I’d answer that by going to see live music and witnessing the magic on stage. However, lately I have found a lot of inspiration inside myself. By meditating, working on myself, and getting in touch with my gut feelings, it has allowed a lot of creative energy to come out.

8. What first got you into music?

Easy answer, when I was a kid my parents put me in piano lessons and I LOVED it. I played for years and would sing while playing by myself for years.

9. Mustard wonders if you could describe your creative process.

I sort of explained it in question 7, but a more detailed answer is getting into a comfortable space and starting by writing what I know and going from there.

10. Do you have any upcoming projects or works you’d like readers to know about?

YES! I have a new single collaborated with William Bennett out August 5 called “My Lonely Heart”.  It is my first completely original work to release, with lyrics by myself and music by Will. We are super pumped to hear what you guys think about it! Pre-save link:


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